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HPC4Mfg | Technical Topic and Abstract

Topic:  Study of fluid behavior inside an ammonothermal gallium nitride reactor using computational fluid dynamics

Abstract: Soraa is the world's leading developer of extraordinarily brilliant and efficient LED lighting technology built on pure gallium nitride (GaN) substrates. To improve their manufacturing competitiveness, they are working to develop an ammonothermal process for GaN substrate manufacturing, similar to the method by which quartz crystals are grown, to increase the size and quality of the substrates and decrease their cost. In addition to LEDs, such substrates will also enable manufacturing of next-generation power electronics with ground-breaking performance. LLNL and Soraa are partnering together to develop high fidelity simulations of Soraa’s next generation ammonothermal GaN process. Livermore supercomputing capabilities will be used to increase Soraa’s simulation capacity by at least an order of magnitude with respect to run-time and throughput. Such a model will allow process modifications to be investigated more rapidly to improve: nutrient utilization efficiency; increase run length; and improve crystal morphology, quality, and dimensions. A high quality crystal growth model is estimated to save years of costly trial-and-error experimentation to scale up the current process.

Academic Partner: Soraa, Inc

National Laboratory: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory