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HPC4Mfg | Seedlings

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HPC4Mfg seedlings established the program infrastructure with a focus on challenges in a broad range of energy intensive industries.

  • Agenda2020, a paper making consortium, is partnering with LLNL and LBNL to reduce energy in paper-making, saving up to 80 trillion BTU’s per year.
  • Purdue Calumet and LLNL are advancing steel blast furnace modeling to reduce coke usage in steel-making that could save up to $80 million per year.
  • Soraa is partnering with LLNL to scale up their new GaN process to yield cheaper LED lighting and new power electronics.
  • Eaton and LLNL are developing predicting microstructure in additively manufactured metal parts to aid in qualification.
  • Carbontec Energy Corporation, Purdue Northwest, and LLNL are enabling the scale up of the E-Nugget production process which replaces coal with bio-mass in pig iron production.