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HPC4Mfg | Round 6: Summer 2018 Selectees

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Round 6: Special Call Summer 2018 Selectees

The HPC4Mfg Program expands its impact with new awards:

  • United States Steel Corporation (USS) will partner with LLNL in developing the expansion of the thermomechanical profile across a hot strip mill simulation model that provides predictions of through-thickness temperature, deformation behavior, and associated microstructure in a project titled “Hot Strip Mill Simulation Model”.
  • AK Steel Corporation will partner with LLNL to improve real-time modeling of hot strip milling in a project titled “Application of HPC for Hot Rolling of Next Generation Steels”.
  • ArcelorMittal USA, LLC will partner with LLNL to enable production of defeat free steel slabs with minimal trial and error in a project titled “Energy Efficient Manufacturing of Steel Slabs with the Application of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Machine Learning”.
  • Alcoa USA Corporation will collaborate with ORNL to advance the performance of Alcoa’s new advanced smelting cell in a project titled “Optimization of Alumina and Aluminum Fluoride Feeding in Advanced Aluminum Smelting Cells Using Large Eddy Simulation”.