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HPC4Mfg | Fall 2016 Selectees

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Fall 2016 Solicitation Selectees

The HPC4Mfg Program expands its impact with new awards:

  • Ford Motor Company will partner with ANL to study the effect of dimensional tolerances on the cylinder to cylinder variation in engine performance in a project titled “CFD Study of Impact of Part-to-Part Variations on Spark-Ignition Engine Charge Formation.”

  • Arconic, Inc. will partner with ORNL to develop high-melting-point, lightweight alloys in a project titled “High Performance Computing for Phase Predictions for Multi-Component Alloy Systems.”

  • GE Global Research will partner with ORNL to reduce process development time and accelerate process certification of additively manufactured parts in a project titled “Powder Spreading Process Maps for Metal Additive Manufacturing.”

  • LLNL will partner with United Technologies Research Corporation to reduce defects in additively manufactured parts in a project titled “High Fidelity Physics-based Model Driven Process Parameter Selection for LPBF Additive Manufactured Metallic Aerospace Components.”

  • General Electric Research Corporation will partner with ORNL to reduce manufacturing costs in a project titled “Surface Roughness Effects from Additive Manufacturing in High Efficiency Gas Turbine Combustion Systems.”

  • Applied Materials, Inc., will partner with LLNL to improve powder bed formation in additively manufacturing processes in a project titled “Simulating Properties of Metal Powder Beds Used for Additive Manufacturing of Parts in Semiconductor, Solar and Display Equipment.”

  • LBNL will partner with Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. (USA) to optimize the performance of semiconductor device interconnects in a project titled “Making semiconductor devices cool through HPC ab initio simulations."

  • Arconic, Inc. will partner with LLNL and ORNL to develop new lightweight alloys in a project titled “Computational Modeling of Multi-Strand Aluminum DC Vertical Casting Processes Incorporating Cast Structure and Thermal Treatment Effects Contributing to Rework Energy Losses."

  • 7AC Technologies will partner with NREL to improve air conditioning technologies in a project titled “Modeling water vapor transport at liquid/membrane interfaces for applications in liquid desiccant air conditioners.”

  • Sierra Energy will partner with LLNL to enable gasification technologies to reduce landfill waste and create renewable energy in a project titled “High Performance Computing of Sierra Energy’s FastOx® Gasification Polisher to Optimize Waste-to-Syngas Conversion."

  • 8 Rivers Capital will partner with LLNL to develop a robust oxy-fuel sCO2 combustion CFD model to evaluate the performance of the Allam Cycle combustor in a project titled “Advancement of combustion design and modelling techniques through the application of high performance computing to sCO2 combustor development.”

  • The Timken Company will partner with ORNL to improve reliability and lifetime of wind turbines in a project titled “Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Model to Study the Effect of Microstructural Constituents on White Etch Area formation in Bearing Steels.”