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HPC4Mfg | Industry Engagement Day 2017

Event Summary

The HPC4Mfg Industry Engagement Day event was a great success. Nearly 100 participants convened for the two-day meeting with an agenda that included a poster session displaying the current results of existing projects, a keynote speech, and panel discussions to discuss ways to strengthen and improve the program. On the final day, participants were offered the opportunity to discuss new ideas with program managers in a one-on-one setting.

Key outcomes of the meeting included:

  • Attendees learned how to make a case for HPC to their management. From virtually exploring parameter spaces in ways that are not possible in the physical world, to enabling the additive manufacturing of parts correctly on the first try, executives across the manufacturing sector are recognizing how the ability to model, simulate, and analyze data at-scale is fundamentally transforming manufacturing.
  • The meeting showcased the breadth of HPC4Manufacturing projects. Through panel discussions and posters, researchers presented their results on a wide range of applications, including optimizing blast furnaces for lowering coke use, designing synthetic jet actuators for ultra-efficient trucks, improving reactor designs for natural gas, and enhancing the drying process for paper making. (Presentations and posters are available below.)
  • Attendees engaged one-on-one with experts from the national laboratories to learn how HPC could be used to address challenges specific to their company or industry sector.
  • Attendees provided feedback on the technical and human capabilities needed to increase the impact of the program, from next-generation software capabilities to greater expertise in modeling and simulation.

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Keynote – A Curious Case History from Things to Bits

Executive Panel Session - The Global State of Computing in Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Office Capabilities Enable Innovation in Manufacturing

Introducing the HPC4Mfg Program

Fossil Energy Applications for HPC

Panel Session – Impact of HPC4Mfg Projects

Panel Session – Challenges to Industry HPC Adoption

Lessons Learned for Solicitation Success

Opportunities to Engage/Summary